Webinar: Product Lifecycle Trends: Design to Manufacturing Delivery

The time it takes for a product to go from the design phase to the delivery phase is shorter than ever. Based on our research findings, engineers are feeling the pressure to keep up with shorter production times, higher production volumes, and manufacturing demands at a higher efficiency.

There are plenty of opportunities for engineers and manufacturers to leverage the latest software innovations to help track production schedules, to identify manufacturability and cost issues at the early stages of the design cycle, and to leverage simulation to help define production problems before they arise.

In this webinar, we will be revealing the key insights gained through a survey of Enterprise companies involved in Discrete Manufacturing, including:

  • Changes in design-to-delivery timelines
  • Threats to delivery within projected timelines
  • Trends in design-to-delivery costs

Join us on October 11 for this insightful webinar as we assess product lifecycle trends in Discrete Manufacturing.