Webinar: Rethinking Partnerships and Collaboration in Care Delivery

The care delivery landscape is experiencing a seismic shift. Senior housing owners, operators and industry participants face greater risks in today’s business environment, as payers and health care partners adopt new, value-driven payment and service models.

This webinar will dive into an expert discussion on how to rethink partnerships and collaboration in care delivery. Successful organizations will focus on coordination and delivering value while managing risk and being properly compensated for that risk. Local relationships, and even unusual partnerships, are driving this change across the care continuum.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What is the “Drive to Home” and why it is reshaping healthcare delivery
  • How the role of Medicare Advantage is growing and why it cannot be ignored
  • How the market is creating strange bedfellows as non-traditional senior housing partnerships become essential
  • The importance of local and regional relationships in care delivery and transitions
  • How your business value is defined by the economics of care deliver

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