Webinar: Securing Organizations from Remote Desktop Protocol Exploits

Insecure implementations of Remote Desktop Protocol have exposed organizations to serious risks of cyber attacks. Ransomware like SamSam and cryptominers like CrySis exploit insecure configurations, resulting in large and well-publicized breaches like the one that occurred at LabCorp. Because of the nature of Remote Desktop Protocol, these exposures often occur outside of organizations’ known IP space, making them difficult to detect and remediate.

This webinar will discuss how easily these misconfigurations can occur, how organizations can discover them, even outside of normal IP space, and how they can establish playbooks to remediate and reduce occurrence over time.

In this webinar, you will learn how:

  • Misconfigurations in Remote Desktop Protocol can occur
  • Organizations can detect these misconfigurations and address exposures on the public Internet
  • The right strategy can provide organizations with the information they need to quickly and completely remediate RDP exposures.

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