Webinar: Securing the Workplace of the Future

As companies look for new ways to drive internal efficiencies and improve workflows for their staff, many are turning to digital transformation in the workplace.

This may mean a single application that, based on data extracted by IoT sensors, will guide you to a free parking space as you arrive at work. As you then walk into the office you will be directed to a free workspace, meaning that every day you will collaborate with different colleagues, rather than always being sat with the same team.

You will be able to book your meeting room and control heating, lighting and comms – all from your smartphone. However, with any advancement in technology or process, we inevitably see an increase in threat surface and attack vectors, both against users and the technology itself.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • How digital transformation and IoT will drive the workplace of the future;
  • Understand the elevated threat surface created by digital transformation;
  • Keys to successful mitigation of these threats and how best to prepare.