Webinar : Strategies for supporting mental health at work

In XpertHR’s 60-minute webinar at 11:00am GMT on Wednesday 31 October, Natasha Gordon and Sarah Mason, from the Wellcome Trust, and Dr Barbara Mariposa, a medical doctor with a background in psychiatry and public health, will explore the practical arrangements organisations can put in place to encourage a mentally healthy workplace.

They will also discuss how to achieve change with small steps, which can help to garner the support of the senior leadership team for greater change, and will draw on real-life cases to demonstrate the successes and difficulties of putting in place pragmatic support for mental health.


Webinar speakers

Natasha Gordon is a projects manager at the Wellcome Trust. She leads the implementation and development of Mental Health First Aid; a mission to raise awareness and ensure that mental ill health is actively prevented, identified, supported and rehabilitated. She has a masters in Human Resource Management.

Sarah Mason is project officer for Mental Health First Aid at the Wellcome Trust. She is responsible for developing the new Mental health ambassadors network (introduced in April 2018) which focuses on identifying workplace pressures and proactive ways of preventing mental ill health.

Dr Barbara Mariposa is a medical doctor with a background in psychiatry and public health, and now works as an event leader, organisational consultant and author in the fields of mindfulness, emotion mastery, leadership, corporate performance and mental wellbeing.