Webinar: The Servitization Revolution in Industrial Manufacturing

Engineering & Manufacturing (E&M) companies are advancing their business models to focus more on providing services and capability to their customers, a practice known as “servitization.” As core markets are becoming increasingly saturated, and product margins are under pressure, companies are aligning their supply chain strategies to meet their customers’ heightened expectations.

Service type activities already make up from one-third to more than one-half of manufacturing employment in some industries. And in today’s marketplace, more and more companies are offering after-market services or complete solutions that are closely coupled to the manufacturer’s products.

While having a digital strategy is important for any manufacturer today, that’s only half the story. There is a huge shift towards the consumption of services over the consumption of products, and it’s this combination of digital pressures and demand for services that is bringing about a revolution in industrial manufacturing.

DHL’s Engineering & Manufacturing sector and The Advanced Services Group have created a white paper series focused on this shift in business models, and in this webinar you’ll hear from several experts who will discuss servitization in the context of value networks as well as supply chain strategies and its impact on E&M industries.

You’ll also hear a best practice case study that will shine a light on the transformational change process – from strategy articulation to process definition and decision enablement.


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