Webinar to focus on options for empty dairy facilities

The Moo University collaborative will host a webinar for dairymen considering options for their facilities if they sell their cows at noon on March 22.

While there is no registration fee, pre-registration is required on-line at form.jotform.com/4Hregion1/dairy-webinar-march-22-2019.

Presenters will address three topics of concern for making the enterprise transition.Brian Dougherty, Iowa State University Extension ag engineering specialist, will cover some important engineering considerations when planning for the conversion of dairy barns to housing for other livestock. Advantages and limitations of different designs will be discussed, and examples of dairy barn conversions will be shown.

Bill Halfman, University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension Monroe County agriculture agent, will discuss the economics of beef feeding enterprises to determine if they are a good fit for their operation and resources plus showcase spreadsheet tools and some benchmark numbers producers should consider.

Tina Kohlman, UW-Madison Extension Fond du Lac dairy and livestock agent, will present on the economics for farms that are no longer milking but are considering raising pre-weaned calves to utilize their facilities and labor for income generation.

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