Webinar to Teach Hiring, Training New Farm Employees

Agricultural operations may not always take the time to do simple background checks or provide employees with the proper initial training, which can cause huge issues down the road. Recent news has highlighted what can go wrong when agricultural operations hire employees with limited knowledge of agricultural practices.

The University of Maryland will host a webinar focused on proper hiring and training techniques for agricultural operations on July 12 starting at noon.

The webinar will show that by taking the time to properly screen potential candidates, properly train those new employees, and provide continuing training for new practices to existing employees, the agricultural operation can limit potential hiring and training issues.

This webinar will feature Paul Goeringer, University of Maryland Extension legal specialist, who will discuss proper screening and training techniques that agricultural operations should consider.

“A growing number of people looking to get started in agriculture often do not come from an ag background,” Goeringer said. “Agricultural operations need to make sure they are hiring good fits for their operations as well as recognizing they need to offer training to ensure that employees keep up with the latest skills to work effectively on the farm.”

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