Webinar : Where to trade overseas

There’s just a week to go to the second International Selling webinar in our Autumn series in partnership with WorldFirst. In the first we examined how to recognise when you’re ready for international trading and now in the second webinar we turn our focus to where to trade overseas and which countries represent the hottest opportunities.

You may already trade overseas, any marketplace trader has probably seen orders come in from overseas almost without trying – the very nature of marketplaces and the Internet lower barriers to trade and make it easy to buy and sell cross border. So why would this webinar series be of interest to you?

Well, whilst you may have almost accidentally fallen into trading overseas by adding international shipping to your eBay listings, signing up to the eBay global shipping program or putting you stock into Amazon FBA and letting them handle international trade for you, your international growth should be a directed venture and not left to organic growth.

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