Webinar: Why t​he modern ad server is an essential tool for every advertiser

In the webinar, Cristal will talk about demystifying the ad serving, about the requirements the Ad Server was invented to solve, and how that need has changed over the past two decades, and key ways the Ad Server is an essential tool for today’s digital marketer.

Gregory Cristal, author of Ad Serving Technology: Understand the marketing revelation that commercialized the Internet, will go through the evolution of ad serving, what an Ad Server is and why it’s important, including, how it helps you more fully understand attribution, bridge disconnects in reporting, counter and identify fraud and viewability concerns, as well as deliver a big picture media overview.

During the webinar, Adform will also examine the emergence of contemporary features such as Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) and Dynamic Ads, Verification Tools, and Rotators. Adform will also take users on how the ad server works alongside other tools such as the Demand Side Platform and Data Management Platform to create data-driven ad experiences for relevant consumers across the internet.

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