What jobs will be replaced by Artificial intelligence or technology?

Yes. Some jobs will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence. Like a tornado, technology doesn’t leave the grounds it touches the same. Artificial Intelligence is getting so good at everything and all this puts humans on the verge of losing their jobs. Employers want the best workers, and if AI does a better job, it renders human workers useless.

This is the shortest version of saying that most jobs will eventually get replaced by technology. And no one is safe. Artificial Intelligence will soon take the role of many white-collar jobs too, just like machines have taken away many blue-collar jobs. Just like the tractors took away many farming jobs. Scary?

We have curated a list of jobs that may soon be replaced by Artificial Intelligence technology. These jobs have a formulaic sequence of repetitive activities or they are cheaper when automated than when done by a human. Such foreseeable patterns are easy to replicate through advanced machine learning algorithms.

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