What The Next Generation Of Freelancers Will Look Like

As the freelance revolution continues to gather steam, the attitudes and preferences of the next generation of successful freelancers is surely a topic of interest.  While there is no singular source of insight, we can certainly draw some inferences from the surveys of various talent platforms like Upwork, Toptal, and Flexing It, and from the emerging research on Gen Z’s.

So, based on many sources, here are some best guesses about the coming generation of top freelancers: who they are, what they are like, how they see their role, work, client relationships, and their career.

Next generation freelancers will incorporate a far wider range of professions.  Freelance airline pilots.  Freelance cultural anthropologists.  Freelance emergency room physicians.  Freelance emergency musicians.  Freelance designers.  Even freelance baby nurses.

They are generally younger, and started freelancing earlier in their career.  As many as half will be under 30.But, the next generation of freelancers will also be generationally “lumpy”, with more and more experienced professionals choosing to freelance at mid-career or later.

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