What Will It Take To Successful In The Future?

It is hard to imagine a time before the Internet; before Google, YouTube and Netflix. Gen-Z can’t wrap their heads around the fact we had to fax or send documents by snail mail to get them signed. Gen Z can’t relate to having to go out to physical stores to buy Christmas presents, or that we couldn’t see the other people on the other end of the phone when we called them (or that you couldn’t call for “free,” for that matter).

They’re growing up with Dropbox, Uber, Facebook, FaceTime, HelloSign and Amazon. Our kids experience a world where everything can be done online and orders are brought straight to our front door, often within the hour. They experience the world at a fast and practical rate – more or less free of waiting periods. This will affect them and their view of what the future can bring.

However, in the workplace, we’ll see the introduction of a range of new hybrids and ways of working, not to mention a fundamental shift in what it means to have a so-called “job.” The offices of Google, Facebook and a lot of new tech start-ups are set up to ensure that you never need to leave “your job.”

You can live your entire life on the premises. You can bring your dog to work, swim, exercise and eat free food cooked by some of the world’s best chefs. You can get blood tests and haircuts on-site, invite your family for free dinners, take iPads, new phone batteries, chargers, laptops or mobile phones out of vending machines as if they were soft drinks; free of charge. You have everything you could possibly need, but why do they pamper their employees like that? The answer is simple: To recruit and retain the best talent.

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