What’s the Difference between Machine Learning and AI?

Throughout 2018, you have probably consistently heard and seen these buzzwords thrown around in conversation, in the comments of social media posts, from youtube, or as think pieces from writers.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning seem to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue and for good reason too.

Researchers have made tremendous headway in the field of AI and this progress has already influenced your daily lives whether it is for novelty or for practical reasons.
However, as you hear these terms thrown around you might be scared to ask, what is the actual difference between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence? Do not worry, today, Interesting Engineering is here to help.

Though this article will break it down in further detail, in short AI is any technology that showcases anything that resembles human intelligence. Think of any of your favorite sci-fi films.

However, ML or Machine Learning is a subset of AI that uses mathematical models from data to make decisions.

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