What’s the real cost of fuel? A Spireon/FreightWaves webinar will look at that subject

With fuel costs having risen sharply in the last year or two, the trucking industry has put a renewed focus on this significant operating cost.

A webinar entitled “The Real Cost of Fuel” on Thursday, July 26 will address some of the key issues that trucking companies should consider in determining the impact of fuel costs on their operations, and how to manage that cost.

The webinar is another in a series of presentations sponsored by FleetLocate by Spireon in conjunction with FreightWaves.

Heather Mueller, the vice president for New Client Experience with Breakthrough Fuels, will be the speaker on the webinar. Breakthrough Fuels is a firm specializing in supply chain logistics and fuel cost management.

In less than a decade, Breakthrough Fuels has grown to become a partner to some some of the country’s leading brands.

In 2017, Breakthrough Fuels received the prestigious Kraft Foods “Transportation Partnership Award” and the “External Business Partner of the Year” designation from Procter & Gamble.

Among the topics she will discuss:

Eliminating fuel distortion by separating fuel from freight costs
Determining real-time fuel costs by distance, speed, transit time on specific trade-lane fleets to provide dynamic marine fuel prices.

Managing fuel costs and make decisions using accurate and movement-specific information

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