Why a career plan is essential

Walking or driving around without knowing where you’re going is pointless. That’s why everyone who wants a successful career needs to have a career development plan in place

It’s often said that ‘if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail’. These words may be over a century old, but they do ring with an element of truth in our lives today, especially when it comes to planning your career.

Director at recruitment agency Yoni Titi Human Capital Evolution, Yoni Titi, says mapping your career path is very important. This means that your current job should be seen as more than just bringing in a pay cheque at the end of the month. It’s actually a brick in the construction of your long-term career plan.

“In a career, you should always be thinking, ‘everything I do counts, how am I going to get ahead? What’s my next step?’ You should appreciate that what you do today counts towards the future,” says Titi.

She says part of constructing a successful career means going beyond the call of duty. It is about showing that you can do more than is required from you, especially when starting out in the industry. This will make you stand out from your peers, allowing industry leaders to spot your talent.

“In the highly competitive world we live in, you need to differentiate yourself by personal branding. Join industry organisations, reconnect with university networks, volunteer somewhere, find a mentor, volunteer at the office when an extra pair of hands is needed and continue learning and investing in your development,” she advises.

But for the more experienced professional she recommends having a number of employers under your belt as a means of giving you more exposure to employment experiences. But this does not mean you must job hop from one company to the next, and for the wrong reasons.

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