Why betting on TV shows would not be a cultural low point

You recently wrote that there might one day be betting on TV shows.What about “Survivor” or “American Ninja”? I could go on and on.Don’t you think betting on TV shows is idiotic? How low have we gone? Steve

Dear Steve: I think that someday we will be allowed to bet on live TV shows.And if people don’t like the idea, they won’t bet. And eventually, betting on shows will stop.I also think there are many better examples than this of the degree to which American culture has sunk.

Readers: I’m still waiting for the folks at New York’s E-ZPass operations to tell me where all the money people prepay on their accounts is kept.Which bank? Does a Wall Street firm manage this money? Does an executive of E-Z­Pass keep it in his basement?

The longer it takes E-ZPass to respond, the more suspicious I get.

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