Why Coaching Is Vital For Young Leaders

The educational system in the United States is flawed. And any college graduate (or parent of a college graduate) has felt the pain of working with Career Services, in preparation for entering the workforce. While universities are busy developing critical thinking skills, practical thinking skills are rare.

Coaching, mentoring and leadership programs are filling in the gaps – but preparing for the future of work means understanding what’s missing in our current educational system.

Based on the Prussian system of learning, the US educational system was designed by Horace Mann to create a uniform method of instruction. As I shared in BulletProof Brandingour modern educational system was developed in 1846.

Mann wanted a system that could create an assembly-line type of product, and create uniformity in education. The ideas of Frederick (the real King of Prussia, not the city in Pennsylvania) were adopted by Horace Mann in the mid-19th century. In a world on the brink of an Industrial Revolution, he was a man of his time.

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