Why Is Education More Than Just Books

For ages we have deliberated and debated on many aspects of education, what it is and what it should be, but even today our first thoughts immediately circle back to school and classroom teaching. This is exactly what made me think again, take a step back and pen this down. Is education the preparation for life or is it life itself? Is it that part of us which survives when all we have studied in books is forgotten?

Education is definitely so much more than just textbooks and school. While school is the platform where all learning- academic and social, can take place with the right initiative; it still teaches us the theory of life but the Practice of Living only happens the moment we leave the classroom.

In ancient times, education was naturalistic and based on fulfilling the needs of society rather than personal gratification. It did not from books alone. The teacher, the most important channel of education, was at the helm. The teacher’s experience and knowledge was passed onto the students and they learnt as much from the experiences at their homes and from the environment surrounding them.

It is only when multiple intelligences of an individual, including linguistic, logic, kinesthetic, spatial, musical, interpersonal and intrapersonal, are truly realized enabling them to reach their full potential, education is achieved in its truest form.

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