Why Showing Is Better Than Telling

As you know from reading this column, I’m a big believer in “showing” rather than “telling.” Words are great but I have learned through the years that people respond to what you do.

If you walk the walk, they will walk with you.

I learned this firsthand a few years ago when a Wiley Publishing senior exec visited me here in Austin. I knew he was debating whether my first book, Customer Loyalty, should go paperback. It had not won the right through sales so I knew I had to take a different tack. When we visited in my home office, I took him through a ten-inch pile of publicity that my book had received.

He sat patiently while I did a “show and tell” on exactly how my team and I had earned every piece of publicity. When he returned to his San Francisco office, I got the call that my book would indeed go paperback. I was thrilled. And, that’s when the flood gates opened on book sales.

In reading the New York Times (June 30, 2019) obituary of Dr. Elizabeth Barrett-Connor, I discovered an amazing researcher who began in the early 70’s to do what proved to be landmark studies on healthy aging. She, too, was a “show and tell” professional.

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