Why Vulnerability Is The Key To Being A Better Leader

Ora Shtull and I recently interviewed Max Yoder, author of Do Better Work and co-founder of Lessonly, which develops innovative training software. Here are the highlights of our conversation about how to build effective teams. Warning: this interview contains language rarely seen in business articles (including the words “compassion” and “love”).

William Arruda: Talk a little bit about how Lessonly inspired your book.

Max Yoder: Learning is about making sure people understand what matters, why it matters and how to do it. And then giving them a chance to practice. Lessonly helps people learn and then practice and then perform better, which is why we say “do better work.”

But really, it’s all about clear communication. So this book was written to help people communicate, whether they’re trainers or managers. Until we feel heard, we can be very resistant to help. It’s not “help and then heard,” it’s “heard and then help.”

Ora Shtull: What does this have to do with building fabulous teams?

Yoder: There are two fundamental ingredients to building a great team: clarity and camaraderie. Clarity is about us understanding the direction that we’re heading. If we all know what direction we’re heading, and we know why it’s important to get there, then we know what role we play in that, and we know what role our teammates play in that, and we’re in a really good spot.

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