How This Startup Went From Zero Funding To a Leading Crypto Marketing Agency

As blockchain technology grows, more and more new projects and startups are being presented to the market. And, after often considerable development costs, it’s essential to display your offerings in an engaging way. Project owners should cultivate a strong marketing strategy to attract qualified investors and buyers. However, endorsing crypto offerings can be delicate—the market calls for more complex tactics than old school banner ads. With crypto content marketing, you need to clarify the use cases for your project and define what it offers. And you may find crypto marketing complex and intimidating if you aren’t already steeped in the culture’s outlets and nuances.

Hicham Sbaa is a celebrated entrepreneur, digital marketer, crypto enthusiast, and the founder and CEO of Before transitioning into digital marketing for crypto and fintech projects, Hicham was a teacher for over a decade. However, believing in the power and potential blockchain technology, he left his job in education and worked up from his role as a social media manager at a small American marketing agency to become a COO and CMO at a few other digital and blockchain firms. He eventually started his crypto PR and marketing consultancy.

“I’ve worked in the crypto industry since it was in its infancy, supporting it as it’s become the giant it is today. Over the last ten years in the industry, I’ve witnessed many cryptocurrencies attain remarkable growth. Likewise, I’ve assisted my community members in adopting digital currencies as a principal holding and income source,” Hicham says.

Full-scale marketing for stable evolution within the blockchain community is essential if companies hope to thrive in this harsh industry. That’s why Hicham founded and established a PR and marketing agency to provide a wide range of digital services for crypto and blockchain projects. Hicham added, “My mission is to shed greater light on what blockchain can do and expand the industry through my work at”

Hicham is proud to have founded in January 2021. It was subsequently awarded crypto marketing agency of the year, appearing on many top crypto marketing directories and listicles. The agency has delivered outstanding results for clients and helped them witness phenomenal success with their projects. CEO and founder expressed the many challenges he had to overcome for the agency to gain its current reputation: “I started with zero funding and no employees, grew my business slowly over the first year, and put in 16 hours of work every day. It was equally hectic to hire the right talent—people who can deliver and build our reputation in a competitive industry. I am grateful that I managed to overcome these hurdles. I had to refuse to give up, double down on my work, and continually look for inventive ways to maximize our potential and lower our costs.”

Hicham urges aspiring entrepreneurs to love the businesses they establish because they will have to work harder than ever to make them successful. He adds, “Loving what you do makes the hard part bearable.”

While has already achieved great success, its key goal is to help facilitate the worldwide adoption of crypto and blockchain technology through creating wider exposure for the industry. In the next few years, they also hope to become the go-to PR agency for crypto and fintech projects.

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