5G is an agent of change for IoT

5G is transforming many industries by enabling innovative IoT use cases. In this blog, we’ll consider important questions that we as an industry must tackle to ensure our BSS is ready for the IoT opportunity. For example, how can CSPs partner effectively in the IoT ecosystem that 5G enables? How can IoT sustainability solutions be best supported? And what is the role of BSS in all of this?
Now, four decades later, IoT has been dramatically empowered by technological advances, such as 5G, that are revolutionizing every aspect of our modern lives and businesses. This revolution is bringing about exciting new use cases, such as smart homes and cities, smart manufacturing and utilities and more efficient healthcare and transportation.
The Internet of Things (IoT) provides an opportunity for communication service providers (CSPs) to grow revenues by providing 5G-driven IoT connectivity and solutions transforming different fields of applications. CSPs must co-create key 5G uses cases with IoT partners, enabling the agile capabilities required for efficient partner management and robust ordering, orchestration, monetization and fulfilment. CSPs must consider how to be effective partners in this emerging IoT ecosystem, and what it takes to succeed in IoT use cases.
Choose how you engage: Be flexible in the IoT ecosystem

According to Analysys Mason’s  IoT partner enablement in BSS: Readying CSPs for new IoT market opportunities report, an evolution in  Business Support Systems (BSS) needs to occur to optimize positioning in the IoT value chain. It’s time to think beyond the simple provision of connectivity services. Upgrading the BSS infrastructure is essential if CSPs want to maximize revenue from IoT use cases.
To capitalize on exciting IoT opportunities, it’s important to accelerate adoption of modern BSS partner management platforms to attract and retain the best IoT partners and effectively monetize offerings. The report’s main findings include:
  • CSPs must consider support for IoT ecosystem business models to be strategically crucial to their survival and relevance.
  • CSPs must prepare to transform their BSS partner management platforms specifically for IoT within the next 2 years to improve their support for emerging IoT applications and business models.
  • Enterprises must consider CSPs’ BSS platform capabilities vitally important to supporting tech-forward IoT-based business models.
John Abraham, Principal Analyst, Analysys Mason, and Jason Keane, Head of BSS Product and Solutions, Ericsson Digital BSS, discussed these findings and other challenges facing CSPs and IoT partners during a recent Light Reading webinar IoT opportunities demand better partner enablement in BSS.

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