AI Putting a Charge into EV Charging Stations

Elaina Farnsworth, SkillFusion’s CEO, discusses AI’s impact on EV charging, improving efficiency, optimizing energy, and reducing “charging anxiety.” She highlights how innovations in demand forecasting and AI-driven technician training are shaping the future of sustainable transportation.
The transportation industry has undergone a massive transformation in the past few years, fueled by technological advancements and society’s desire for a more sustainable future. The rapid adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) has been one of the crowning achievements of the green revolution, sparking thousands of drivers to adopt more sustainable vehicles. 
However, pervasive EV charging station issues have hampered the expansion of EV use. Widespread challenges with EV station downtime and a lack of availability have thrown a wrench in plans for wider EV use. 
The rise of advanced AI has occurred simultaneously with the emergence of improved EV technology, so it seems natural that the two would eventually intersect, bettering one another and helping solve pain points that have hampered advancement. AI has had a prominent role in shaping the landscape of electric mobility, aiding everything from vehicle design to training the new generation of technicians in the EV space and tackling the challenges faced by EV charging stations. 

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