Hurricane Ian Temporarily Unites Political Foes Biden and DeSantis

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has had some choice words for President Joe Biden, saying the Democratic president “hates Florida.” Biden, meanwhile, has obliquely slammed DeSantis, accusing Republican governors of “playing politics with human beings” by flying unsuspecting migrants to blue states. On Wednesday, as the two potential 2024 presidential candidates stood somewhat awkwardly in hurricane-ravaged Fort Myers, Biden and DeSantis achieved a public detente, saying they would cooperate on federal-state efforts to help the state recover from Hurricane Ian.

I want the people of Florida to know – you have my commitment, and America’s commitment, that we’re not going to leave. We’re going to see you through this entire process,” Biden said after touring the devastated areas by helicopter and getting a briefing on the crisis from state and local officials. Florida already had a more resilient energy grid because of federal aid delivered when he was vice president, Biden said – and now, the government has “got to build back better.

W know more is coming” as a result of climate change-fueled storms, Biden added, as DeSantis stood poker-faced behind him. DeSantis offered some praise for the Biden administration, saying that his state was “fortunate to have good coordination” with the white House and the Federal Emergency Management Agency from the beginning. He thanked FEMA administrator Deanne Criswell and Biden, saying officials were “cutting through the bureaucracy” to get assistance to Floridians more quickly.

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