Apple releases free new sports app for iPhone

 on Wednesday released a free new iPhone app for tracking sports scores, its latest effort to become a major provider of sports content and news.
The app, called Apple Sports, does one thing well: show sports scores from all the major teams and leagues. Users in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. can download it Wednesday, the first day of the Major League Soccer season.
Apple services chief Eddy Cue said the company designed the app to be fast and simple for multiple quick checks per day. It will stand out from other sports scores apps because Apple doesn’t represent a team or league and isn’t incentivized to engage users for long sessions, he said.
“You want your scores basically to be real time. You want them to be really easy to get to. And nothing else is getting in the way. And that’s the primary purpose of the app,” said Cue, hoarse from cheering at the Super Bowl, in an interview last week.
Apple has moved into sports in recent years by buying rights and airing Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer games, adding additional sports journalism to its News app and airing sports-related documentaries about teams such as the Golden State Warriors and the New England Patriots on Apple TV+.

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