Google Issues Serious New Warning For All Android And iPhone Users

Android and iPhone updates this year will be dominated by AI—much of it from Google. But this comes with a serious new warning for every user, and it should change how we use our phones.The rollercoaster AI smartphone ride is now well underway. It was always going to be the case, that integrating generative AI into the smartphone apps we use most would eclipse last year’s ChatGPT take-up. And here we now are.

But not so fast—all this comes with a huge risk to your security and privacy.
It seems we all have a blind spot when it comes to generative AI chatbots. We might take care as to the apps we install, the permissions we grant, the browsers we use, and the data we share with Facebook, Google, and others. But put us in front of an AI chatbot and we forget all this—suddenly we find ourselves in what feels like a private chat with a helpful new friend. And we want to share.

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