Verizon’s New 5G Dedicated Cloud Gaming Handheld Launches Today

Verizon’s 5G iteration of the Razer Edge, a dedicated cloud gaming handheld, is officially available.
News of the Razer Edge 5G started circulating earlier this month, but today this device, designed in collaboration with Verizon, is available for all. Well, this particular version of it is—Razer’s Wi-Fi (i.e. no 5G) model is set to follow next month.
Unlike other popular handheld consoles like the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck, the Razer Edge is primarily intended to work as a cloud gaming device. Streaming services like Steam Link and Xbox Game Pass are supported (and encouraged), and the console will presumably work with PlayStation Remote Play via the Android app as well, though that has not yet been officially confirmed. However, it will also be able to install and run Android games if you’d prefer something that runs on the hardware itself.

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