30 Books Every Woman Should Tick Off Her Reading List Before Turning 30

Different books come into your life at different points, offering a chance to laugh, cry, learn or just escape from the world entirely. The beautiful thing about books is that you can read the same one multiple times throughout your life and take away something different each time. The book hasn’t changed, but you have. 
Reading can be a highly personal thing, ( let’s be real, there’s a reason book clubs exist) — because the entire experience of reading a book is dramatically improved when we share with one another. In taking a recommendation from a friend or stranger, or being gifted a book you would never have considered reading, we open ourselves up to a new way of thinking entirely, which can come in handy at certain life stages. 
Your twenties are a chaotic, messy life chapter that’ll see you making major decisions, suffering through heartbreak, laughing until your sides hurt and making memories that’ll define who you are. Given the aforementioned messiness, it’s also a time where you’ll likely question everything, so it doesn’t hurt to have a stack of books in your arsenal that can act like a guiding light. 
In that spirit, the marie claire Australia team put their heads together to brainstorm 30 books we’ve loved that we would recommend someone read before they turn 30. From hard-hitting non-fiction to fiction that’ll make you laugh and cry, there’s a wide range in here that everyone (no matter your taste) can enjoy. 

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