5 Practical Uses for Intuitive AI in Accounting

In the space of barely more than a year, artificial intelligence (AI) technology has made massive waves in the business world. However, as huge as this impact has been, it hasn’t been evenly spread. While marketing teams have been using AI assistants to whip up emails and create LinkedIn Ads, the accounting  teams have struggled to reap the potential rewards AI technology can deliver.
Fortunately, a series of advances in AI have now unlocked new ways for the technology to help accounting teams work faster, smarter, and more accurately. One of the key developments has been the introduction of a new breed of AI – intuitive AI.
Intuitive AI is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a term for tools that act a bit less like a computer and a bit more like a human being – one that can access invoice records in the blink of an eye, spots patterns in piles of data, and never forgets to show up to meetings. Rather than being limited to the powerful but narrow use cases we typically associate with automation tools, such as reading the text on printed invoices or copying data from one system to another, intuitive AI is designed to work with a much wider range of documents and tasks.
Intuitive AI technology can slot into almost any business area, but many of its most powerful use cases fall squarely under the domain of the accounting team or firm.

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