5 Things to Know About the Future of Sustainability Education

Today’s students want to be involved in creating a more sustainable future, but classrooms and educators need high-quality, relevant learning materials to connect today’s challenges to tomorrow’s problem solvers.
That’s why Honeywell is joining with Discovery Education and other industry and non-profit partners to launch the Sustainability Education Coalition, a transformative partnership to address a growing sustainability education gap in K-12 classrooms across the United States and beyond.
“The Sustainability Education Coalition offers the opportunity to create broader awareness of sustainability topics, which is central to Honeywell’s belief that everyone can play a part in moving towards a more sustainable future society,” said Gavin Towler, Honeywell’s Chief Scientist for Sustainability and the executive sponsor for the program.
Here’s what to know about the state of sustainability education, as well as the impact the Sustainability Education Coalition aims to make.
1. Many US teachers want to educate on climate change but need training and reliable resources
Recent statistics reveal a concerning trend: while a large majority of teachers recognize the importance of teaching students about climate and sustainability, only half of them are currently addressing these vital topics within their classrooms.

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