77% of voters say education is important midterm election issue

Education remains a big issue for voters as the midterm elections draw nearer, according to a new poll, alluding to how similar concerns led Republicans to victory in Virginia’s gubernatorial race last year. 
Rasmussen Reports released the results of a national survey Wednesday that found 77% of likely voters believe education will be an important issue during the Nov. 8 midterm elections, and 45% anticipate it will be “Very Important.” 
Only 18% of participants doubt that education will be an important issue this November. The report also noted that 68% of voters worry that public schools are promoting “controversial beliefs and attitudes, with 49% stating that they are “Very Concerned.” 
Another 30% of voters say that they are not concerned about the content promoted in schools, with 14% of participants stating that they are “Not At All Concerned.”
Supporters of President Joe Biden were among the least concerned about the material being taught in schools, with only 22% of participants who approve of the president’s job performance saying they’re “Very Concerned.” Eighty-five percent of voters who disapprove of Biden’s job performance, however, expressed the opposite opinion. 
The survey also found that majorities in every political category (87% of Republicans, 51% of Democrats, and 67% unaffiliated voters) have at least some concerns about the beliefs schools might be teaching students. 
Republicans (72%) were more likely to say they are “Very Concerned” about schools teaching controversial material, compared to 27% of Democrats and 49% of unaffiliated voters. 
Majorities of every racial category — 79% of whites, 74% of black voters and 75% of other minorities — expect the issue to at least be somewhat important for this year’s elections, according to the report. White voters (50%) were more likely to say they’re “Very Concerned” about the types of material promoted in public schools, compared to 38% of black voters and 51% of other minorities.

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