A+ Teacher helps students excel at reading

This week’s A+ Teacher is focused on helping her students excel at reading. Marisa Reynolds is an intensive reading teacher at Fox Chapel Middle School in Spring Hill. 
“She’s always making sure her student get what they need and she’s just a big cheerleader,” said Fox Chapel Principal Carmine Rufa. ​
Reynolds has been helping students at the school for 12 years. “I went to St. Pete College and I got an internship here. And I got hired from my internship because they needed an intensive reading teacher,” said Reynolds. She went on to say, “I love reading and I love seeing the students grow. And being able to track from the beginning of the year to mid year, every step of the way. Those little light bulbs of growth.”
She loves teaching her seventh graders. And when her students leave the classroom, she cheers them on in other activities. “I do go to the kids’ games I love cheering them in the audience and I love promoting that too within the classroom for the students to be there to support one another,” said Reynolds.

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