Here are my 8 best tips for traveling alone.

I’m currently in my fifth year of solo travel, but began my nomadic lifestyle with an eager attitude. However, that initial naivety certainly got me into some tricky situations.
Had I been more experienced, there are certain steps I could have taken to make my experience less stressful and, at times, less isolating.
To ensure you avoid making the same mistakes I did, I’ve gathered some simple and practical tips every solo traveler needs to know.Although you can create a digital Medical ID on most smartphones, accessing this information can be challenging, especially when the device is locked.That’s why it’s best to write all your essential medical information and emergency contact details in the notes app, take a screenshot, and save it as your lock screen.
This will ensure easy access to important details in case of an emergency while traveling.
Research doctors who speak the same language as you before you travel
Accessing healthcare in a foreign country can be stressful, especially with a language barrier.
Speaking from personal experience, you don’t want to spend three days on an IV drip trying to understand your diagnosis when you and your doctor don’t speak the same language.

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