HSE teacher honored by Indiana Department of Education

A teacher at Hamilton Southeastern High School is doing something special that’s getting the attention of the Indiana Department of Education. The Indiana Department of Education says she is helping to transform the lives of students new to the United States from the classroom.
“I have the best students. They bring so much joy. It’s really about them. I’m thankful to be a part of this,” said Becky Schroeder, an English as a New Language Teacher at Hamilton Southeastern High School.
Becky Schroeder isn’t your typical teacher.
She uses her love for languages and culture to help English language learners find success, catching the attention of the Indiana Department of Education. “They just bring, and when I say they, I’m saying other cultures, just fills my heart. It’s a passion of mine. It’s kind of like my sweet spot,” said Schroeder.
Schroeder recently won the English Learner Educator Excellence Award for her work to build community and ensure that her students are supported.

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