Instagram creators’ Artifact app is starting to look more like Reddit

Artifact, the news aggregation app from the creators of Instagram, now has some social features following its latest update. Users can now create profiles and comment on any article in the app.

Taking a cue from Reddit, Artifact will let you upvote and downvote other users’ comments, which will factor into commenters’ reputation scores and help to moderate discussions. The app is also using artificial intelligence for moderation.

Artifact says the reputation score “represents the earned trust from the community and will help you weigh people’s opinions and help us filter out bad behavior.” The goal, according to a blog post, is to foster a positive community in which everyone feels encouraged to take part. The app will let you know when your comments get upvotes or downvotes. You’ll also be notified when your contacts comment on things they read.

You’ll need a profile, which is optional, to comment on articles. Profiles can include your photo and bio (adding both will apparently boost your reputation). You’ll need to provide a verified phone number to create one. A phone number is also needed if you want to move to a different device and retain your Artifact history and preferences.

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Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger unveiled Artifact back in January. It uses AI to curate news and present you with things it reckons you’ll want to read. “We have a strong and growing community and sometimes the most important voices are never interviewed or quoted,” Systrom wrote in an Artifact comment. “These discussions give everyone a chance to participate and have a voice.”

In a bit of a coincidence, Artifact is gaining true social components on the same day that Substack is rolling out its Twitter-esque Notes feature. In a sense, the two relative upstarts are trying to take on established social media platforms at their own game.

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