Judge extends block on Ohio GOP’s K-12 education overhaul

The Ohio education system is in limbo. A Columbus judge has once again blocked the GOP effort to overhaul the K-12 public education system by taking the power away from the Ohio Dept. of Education and giving it to the governor’s office.
“The changes that have moved forward, which I believe are unconstitutional and illegal, remove the voice of parents when it comes to public education,” state board member Michelle Newman said. In the fight against a K-12 public school overhaul, Newman and other Board of Education (BOE) members filed a lawsuit against the state for overreach.
Right now, the board is responsible for what K-12 education looks like in the state.
Starting after the Nov. 2022 election, seven of the 11 elected seats are held by Democrats. The elected seats ensure that the total board can’t pass all resolutions it wants, since it needs a 2/3 majority. Of the 19 total seats, eight were appointed by Gov. DeWine. Now, with 12 GOP seats, a Democrat would need to switch over for policy to pass. This could change depending on attendance.
But a provision in the state budget strips the members from developing education policy, establishing financial standards and implementing programs. Those duties would be given to the governor’s new Department of Education and Workforce.

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