Phones are getting packed with AI features.

Every year like clockwork, some of the biggest companies in the world release new phones they hope you will shell out hundreds of dollars for.
And more and more, they are leaning on a new angle to get you thinking of upgrading: artificial intelligence.Smartphones from Google and Samsung come with features to help you skim through long swaths of text, tweak the way you sound in messages, and make your photos more eye-catching. Meanwhile, Apple is reportedly racing to build AI tools and features it hopes to include in an upcoming version of its iOS software, which will launch alongside the company’s new iPhones later this year.
But here’s the real question: Of the AI tools built into phones right now, how many of them are actually useful?
That’s tough to say: It all depends on what you use your phone for, and what you personally perceive is helpful. To help, here’s a brief guide to the AI features you’ll most commonly find in phones right now, so you can decide which might be worth living with for yourself.

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