Racine Finance and Personnel Committee agenda

The Finance and Personnel Committee is set to convene at 5:30 p.m. Monday, August 28 in City Hall, 730 Washington Avenue, in room 303. On the docket are substantial proposals, including an $18 million borrowing initiative for long-term capital projects, a developer’s agreement for a critical water main extension on 90th St., and a grant application for state-of-the-art policing software.

Public participation is strongly encouraged as these decisions will reverberate throughout the community. Chaired by Marcus West and Vice-Chaired by Maurice Horton, the Finance and Personnel Committee of the City of Racine will hold a pivotal meeting to make decisions that could shape the city’s financial and developmental landscape. Various alders, including Mary Land, Amanda Paffrath, and Terry McCarthy, are also set to participate.
In what promises to be a focal point of discussion, Alder Maurice Horton sponsors a resolution to authorize the sale and issuance of $18,045,000 in General Obligation Promissory Notes, backed by a robust staff recommendation.

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