Stewardship Education Alliance Awards Grants to Local Teachers

John Dietter of Camden-Rockport Middle School will receive $500 to purchase waterproof boots to make it possible for students to explore the Megunticook River to conduct stream sampling. This is a follow-up grant to support continuation of the work Mr. Dietter began last year with his students and students from Seaside Village Pre-School.
Lindsay Stewart of Sweetland School was awarded $500 to purchase trees to create an outdoor learning circle to inspire storytelling, help students focus, and encourage appreciation of nature. Students will work with local experts to choose native trees, and plant, nurture, and study them while learning in a new and special outdoor area at the school.
Germaine Koomen of Children’s House Montessori School will use her award of $500 for equipment to study soil. Using Elizabeth (Beede) Parker’s book “A Natural History of Camden and Rockport” as a model and baseline for data collection, students will study local soils and gather data about changes.

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