‘The cutest’: Social media dotes on Arizona preschooler teaching classmate Spanish

An Arizona preschooler proved himself to be a pretty thorough teacher as he taught a classmate how to count in Spanish during lunch in late February.
In a video, 4-year-old Mark sits across from his classmate, a little girl named Charleigh. He says each number and waits for her to repeat it, making sure she gets it right.
At one point, nueve trips her up a bit, but Mark doesn’t let up.
“Nueve,” he repeats, a little louder this time, coaxing her to try again. And she does.
The students are preschoolers at Marcos de Niza Preschool in Tempe, Arizona; it’s housed in Marcos de Niza High School where Mark’s father, Mick Wojciechowicz, has taught Spanish for 17 years.
The school posted the video on Instagram on March 1, drawing comments about how cute the students are and how great of a teacher Mark is.
“He wasn’t playing about making sure 9 was said correctly,” wrote one Instagram user. “Too cute.”
“That ‘tres’ was the cutest,'” another social media user said.

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