What is the Future of AV Technology in Higher Education?

Technology and education’s relationship has been a very important one ever since the first overhead projector displayed those magic marker decorated transparency sheets onto a blackboard. When the pandemic hit, Pro AV and education went from 0-100 mph seemingly overnight, trying to address the new way of learning in the hybrid world.
At Systems Contractor News, we have paid close attention to these advances, in particular at University of Southern California(opens in new tab), UNLV(opens in new tab), and the role technology and esports plays in higher education(opens in new tab). Recently, Mark W. Knox, national business development manager at WyreStorm, sat down with Karen Ethier, director of support services, information technology ,at Roger Williams University to discuss establishing a seamless Pro AV flexibility in the classroom, current trends to engage and collaborate with all students, and how the relationship between schools and AV manufacturers is more important now more than ever.

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