2025 Ford Mustang GTD Debuts With Over 800 HP, Pushrod Suspension, Starts At $300K

Contrary to rumors, the Mustang GTD does not have a mid-mounted engine. A supercharged 5.2-liter V8 sits ahead of the driver. The final output isn’t yet available, but Ford is targeting over 800 horsepower, making this the highest-horsepower Mustang ever available from the automaker. The engine’s redline is over 7,500 rpm, and it features a titanium exhaust with an active valve system.
The Mustang GTD adopts a transaxle gearbox meaning the transmission is at the rear, contributing to the car’s near 50-50 weight distribution. It’s an eight-speed dual-clutch unit, and a carbon fiber driveshaft sends the power from the engine to the transaxle.
The Variable Traction Control system in Track Mode allows for tweaking the engine output and traction control intrusiveness. This lets people tailor the vehicle to their driving ability around a circuit.

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