6 books climate leaders want you to read

As the UN Climate Summit COP27 begins this month, we’ve collected 6 books these founders, CEOs CSOs and more say have shaped them – ones they hope will shape you, too.Al Gore, the Nobel laureate and former US Vice President, has dedicated decades of his life to public service work. He’s also the founder of the Climate Reality Project, using his leadership experience to train tens of thousands in the skills and know-how that climate leaders need now. His book pick, Speed and Scale by John Doerr, presents a plan for cutting emissions by 2050.My good friend John Doerr recently published a brand-new book which takes the goal setting system known as OKRs, which stands for ‘Objectives and Key Results’ and applies it to the climate crisis. The book is called ‘Speed and Scale: An Action Plan for Solving Our Climate Crisis Now’ (Penguin Random House, 2021) and I highly recommended it for anyone, particularly those in the private sector, especially those who are familiar with OKRs, who have set ambitious climate goals for their organization and now need to determine how to implement those goals and do so quickly and effectively. 

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