8 Podcasts You Need To Listen To This Winter

I’m not going to say, “winter is coming,” one, because by the time this goes to print, the first season of House of the Dragon will have wrapped up, like, two months ago (aka two decades in GoT years). Totally unscientific fan theory that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately (maybe I should write an article for The Cut about it?): Dramione shippers like me grew up to be Daemon fangirls.
Two, would I ever be so trite as to co-opt that most memorable of Starkisms? Copywriters of the world, please stop using the first family of Winterfell’s motto to sell your coats/sweaters/scarves/etc.
In my case, winter isn’t coming. I’m headed home to Florida for the holidays, aka the land of plastic lawn flamingos, climate denialism, and imperiled democratic norms.
I can only guess that another Sunshine State-dweller (largely responsible for said imperiled democratic norms) will also be spending the holidays down south.

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