Apple Reportedly Buys DarwinAI in iPhone Maker’s Push Into AI Race

Apple (AAPL) shares edged 1% higher Thursday amid reports that the company bought DarwinAI, a Canadian artificial intelligence (AI) startup, in what could be an important step in the iPhone maker establishing its place in the AI boom.
The company acquired DarwinAI in early 2024, absorbing dozens of the AI startup’s employees, Bloomberg reported.
 “Apple Buys Canadian AI Startup as It Races to Add Features.”Compared to some of its big tech peers like Microsoft (MSFT), Google parent Alphabet (GOOGL), and Meta (META), the iPhone maker has lagged in publicly integrating AI tech into its products and services.
On the company’s latest earnings call, CEO Tim Cook said that Apple has “some things that we’re incredibly excited about, that we’ll be talking about later this year.”
He noted that there is “a lot of work going on internally,” but that Apple is not announcing details yet to not “get out in front” of itself. Cook did say “there’s a huge opportunity for Apple with GenAI and AI.”

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