Arc is building an AI agent that browses on your behalf

For years, Google (or any other search engine) has been the main gateway for people to discover websites and other content. The Browser Company, which makes the Arc Browser, is on a quest to change that by building an AI that surfs the web for you and gets you the results while bypassing search engines.
The company laid out its product roadmap, which talks about releasing a new tool in the next few months where you can tell the browser what you are looking for and it will present you relevant information by automatically crawling the web.
In a video released today, Josh Miller, the co-founder and CEO of the company, shows that users will be able to type something like “Reservation for two people at either Llama Inn or Kings Imperial,” and the browser will return results with available time slots — that will be available in the coming months. Then users can reserve a table by going to a particular website with one click.

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