Garmin MARQ 2 smart watches unveiled

Garmin has launched its latest smartwatch range, the Garmin MARQ 2 and there are a number of different models in the range.
The lineup includes the Adventurer, the Aviator, the Athlete, The Golfer, the Captain and the Driver, each one has slightly different features.
“The MARQ collection is a true testament to Garmin’s commitment to superior quality, innovation and reliability,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “MARQ watches are modern-day trusted tools, genuine to our brand and designed for markets we’ve served for over 30 years. With authentic feature sets, smartwatch functionality and stunning premium materials, MARQ sets a new standard in the watch industry.”
Designed with superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, the MARQ collection is built with materials like titanium, ceramics, and sapphire crystal. High performance Grade-5 titanium is five-times stronger and harder than most steels, which increases heat and corrosion resistance, making it more scratch-resistant and lightweight on the wrist compared to stainless steel. 

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