Google’s new AI video generator is more HR than Hollywood

For most of us, creating documents, spreadsheets and slide decks is an inescapable part of work life in 2024. What’s not is creating videos. That’s something Google would like to change. On Tuesday, the company announced Google Vids, a video creation app for work that the company says can make everyone a “great storyteller” using the power of AI.
Vids uses Gemini, Google’s latest AI model, to quickly create videos for the workplace. Type in a prompt, feed in some documents, pictures, and videos, and sit back and relax as Vids generates an entire storyboard, script, music and voiceover. “As a storytelling medium, video has become ubiquitous for its immediacy and ability to ‘cut through the noise,’ but it can be daunting to know where to start,” said Aparna Pappu, a Google vice president, in a blog post announcing the app. “Vids is your video, writing, production and editing assistant, all in one.”

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