Hamilton Lane backs Daphne in a move to digitize private market investments

Daphne, a cutting-edge platform, is designed to enhance the distribution of alternative assets and streamline the fundraising process.
This partnership has seen Daphne integrate with Hamilton Lane’s proprietary platform, Cobalt. Cobalt offers data, analytics, forecasting, and due diligence services across private markets. With Daphne’s technology, alternative asset managers can now transmit fund information directly into Cobalt, simplifying the traditionally cumbersome manual processes for both asset managers and their partners.
Daphne’s technology establishes a direct digital link between asset managers and their investors and channel partners. By utilising Daphne, asset managers can digitize fund data and distribute it effortlessly across various channels such as institutional investors, investment consultants, IBDs, and RIAs. This data can be accessed through a web-based interface or an API, equipping asset managers with essential tools to streamline fund diligence and reporting, thus cutting down manual effort significantly.

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